Wifi Ultraboost: The Perfect Solution to Supercharge Your Wifi Speed


Is your Wi-Fi internet speed very unpredictable? Sometimes the speed is good while at others it is so slow that even YouTube videos buffer? Do you have certain dead-zones in your house where you won’t get proper Wi-Fi signal?

If the answer of any of this is yes, we know why and have the perfect solution for you.

It is because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you a weak router that slows down your internet speed during the peak hours. This is to make sure they can give a part of your bandwidth to their premium customers.

As per the Internet Laws, ISPs are not allowed to do this from their end, so they give you weak routers instead so that the speed slows down from your end.

This is a common trick they use to make you upgrade your plan and pay more money.

Slow internet can be very frustrating at times. You are in a relaxed mood and want to browse the internet but it buffers a lot. You feel frustrated.

Or you have some urgent work to do, but the internet speed slows you down.

Thanks to this German Engineer, the inventor of Wifi Ultraboost, you won’t have to face this problem anymore.

How does Wifi Ultraboost work?

Wifi Ultraboost works by first amplifying the Wifi Speed and then increasing the frequency so that your internet is not only faster but also reaches every corner of your house.

Is Wifi Ultraboost hard to use?

Absolutely not. Wifi Ultraboost is so easy to use that even your grandmother could use it. No installation. Plug it into a socket and start experiencing the amazing internet speed.

Does Wifi Ultraboost actually work?

Wifi Ultraboost has sold more than 50,000 pieces all around the globe. It has gone viral since its launch. So we thought to find some of its customers and talk to them how they found it. Here is what they had to say about it:

"Before I did not get wifi signals in certain areas of my home. Also the speed was very unpredictable. To be honest, I did not expect a lot from this device but I still thought to give it a try. Man! I was amazed. Now I get wifi signals even in my garage. And the speed is really good and consistent all throughout the day. I think if someone has wifi at his home, Wifi Booster is something one must definitely get. Easily worth the investment."

"I like playing songs while working in the kitchen. The songs used to buffer a lot. So I could only play songs which were offline. I bought Wifi Booster some time back and now it works like a charm. Amazing device!"

Is Wifi Ultraboost still available?

Wifi Ultraboost is selling fast but we confirmed that it is still available. Instead it is currently being sold for just $49 (was $98) from our discount link, a great price for solving a major problem. Apart from this, they are also offering free shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Delivery takes only a few days if you order it from the official website.

What Features Does UltraBoost Have?

• Compatible with any internet brand or router.
• Works with an amazing frequency of 2.4Ghz
• Easy installation
• Efficient and low-radiation interference (same as your wifi router)
• No installation CD necessary
• Universal applicability

You Need A UltraBoost If You Suffer:

• Slow internet despite full Wi-Fi reception
• Weak Wi-Fi speed when leaving the room
• Bad Skype or Facetime quality
• Wi-Fi 'dead-spots' in your home
• Brick or concrete walls in your property
• Buffering when streaming movies
• Unsatisfactory download or upload times

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely Yes! We have one in our office and recommend you pick one as well. You and your family will enjoy the faster internet and better coverage.

Bottom line: If you are tired of slow internet and want faster internet without spending a fortune then this one time purchase is must!

Check if you need Wifi UltraBoost:

1) Is your wifi slow or has dead zones?

How Do You Get Wifi UltraBoost?

That's easy, at the moment you can buy Wifi Booster 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

1. Order Wifi UltraBoost from the official website.
2. Connect Wifi Booster to the power and start the foolproof configuration.
3. Enjoy faster internet and and better Wifi coverage

Increase Your Internet Speed

Update: We confirmed that Wifi UltraBoost is Still Available Today. 50% Off Available Till: . You can get it from here.

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